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Ep 24: How To Be Your Own Thunder Buddy

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There are a myriad of benefits to having outside sources of accountability, but we need to be our number one resource! In this episode, Laura unveils some of the biggest lies we often tell ourselves that, unfortunately, manifest into our truth when gone unchallenged. The thing is… we have to truly redefine FAILURE in order to get clarity on what we are actually pursuing in order to more confidently define our success, that true goal.


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1:28 – What is a “thunder buddy”?!

2:36 – The importance of support from others

4:03 – Possible crutches we use as excuses for our lack of success

5:30 – The origin of self-accountability  7:48 – What are you really chasing?

11:56 – YOU HOLD THE POWER 14:00 – Are your living empowered?

17:26 – What is your goal? What feeling does that give you?



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