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Ep 26: The Weight Loss Journey: How and Why Your Mindset Will Change Along the Way

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In this very special episode, Laura has the privilege of discussing the physical and mental transformation with a weight loss client – meet Elle! Tune in to hear exactly how when you start down your wellness journey you will find yourself in places you never imagined, you will begin to define success differently, and the evolution of the self beyond the scale.





1:32 – The mindset detours

2:51 – Life; it gets in the way too often of our health and wellness

5:59 – Why we sometimes need tough love from a coach

8:02 – Is our career our identity?

9:30 – Success will begin to look differently over time

10:27 – Control is a belief system

12:03 – The common barriers you will face during weight loss

17:40 – Know thy self

22:47 – Lessons learned from a weight loss success story

27:40 – What you will be able to do with your new body and mindset

31:09 – Advice for those embarking on their own wellness journey



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