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Ep 27: The Secret Why You Regained Weight After Your Last Diet (& Why You Will Again if You Don’t Change This One Thing)

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Dieting is really manipulating – manipulating our bodies. Laura shares why she thought she needed to be smaller in order to be happier. So, what did she do? She attempted to manipulate her body more and more, chasing the “body standard” she thought she wanted. But as she began to focus on happy first and body image second, her outlook drastically changed. And so can yours! In this episode, you will learn not only how your body standard can change but more importantly why diets do not last!




1:26 – Laura’s body transformation journey

3:02 – Are we brainwashed?!

5:19 – Manipulation doesn’t last & neither do diets

7:09 – How are you using food?

9:01 – Moving away from pain, towards pleasure

10:21 – Eat to feel good

12:52 – Confidence comes first, not the weight loss

14:47 – Excitement about your journey

16:28 – Do you even know why you want to change your body?

18:57 – How to lose the weight for good

21:12 – The Confidence Catalyst



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