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Ep 28: The Confidence Catalyst

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Say hello to… Laura! At long-last, we hear host Laura Poburan’s origin story. Over a decade ago, she was just another one of those cardio-bunnies avoiding the weight room like the plague. But it was only because she was battling a war… a mental battlefield with herself, forcing herself into designer jeans that were too small (and too expensive!).

In this episode, learn the strategies of how Laura found her confidence and was able to truly own her sh*t – and the best part is she is ready to teach you how to do the same.


2:00 – Smaller, not bulkier… right?

3:20 – A motherly intervention

5:10 – Unhappy body = unhappy life

7:00 – How far is too far?

8:15 – The war with the SELF

12:17 – The moment it all changed

14:01 – Setting boundaries

16:34 – How Laura helps others find their confidence

18:23 – Reaching the masses through The Confidence Catalyst


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