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Ep 29: How to Lose the Guilt and Take Back Your Eating Habits Power

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Do you think your weight loss blocks happen solely because of food? What if there was a way to remove the idea of morality that we link to our food choices? Laura takes us to school in today’s episode all about how to remove the guilt and shame from our eating habits and replace it with joy and take back our power once and for all!


1:07 – Food is actually NOT your problem

4:54 – Do you think “This is GOOD or BAD for me”?

6:08 – Steps for food morality success

8:24 – The ultimate goal of weight loss

10:11 – Are we even aware of the internal problems?

12:20 – Control seekers… LET GO

15:21 – Take back your power

17:50 – Effective pattern disruptions

19:09 – How to take action NOW


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