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Ep. 3 – Why We Need A Tribe As Female Entrepreneurs

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Girls, let’s be real for a minute. You cannot do this entrepreneur thing alone. You just can’t. I used to think I could too, trust me. I thought – Oh ya, what’s the problem. I’m a badass I don’t need other people to grow my business, I got this thing.

Yeah, turns out I did NAAAHT have it.

As soon as I shoved my stupid ego into a big black hole, magic started to happen. The connections I made were so…genuine and organic. I just started reaching out to people like me, sharing my experiences and being really really real. Like hey guess what world! This entrepreneur thing is fucking hard! Who knew! Anyone else?

A million hands fly up*

Because ya, when you’re struggling, literally everyone else is too. Even when you “make it” and have the life you always wanted, there are NEW struggles. There are NEW challenges. And you are always going to need support from others. Your target is moving constantly. Just when you think you reach it, you set your sights higher. That’s the magic of this world, your opportunities really are endless and boundless if you want to chase them. But that’s also why you need a tribe. People to grow with. People to cry to. People to tell you “me too”.

When I first started reaching out to people and connecting I was timid. I thought “who would want to connect with me? I don’t have 20K followers on IG, I’m nobody”. But as it turns out, the more you connect the more you realize that you are different than literally everyone else! You DO have value and you do have something to offer them that no one else can – YOU, and your gifts and the reason you’re doing this entrepreneur thing to start with.

What sets you apart? What value can you offer others? Building a tribe isn’t about asking – it’s about giving. Giving everyone all of you with no hope of getting something in return. Giving without expectation. Helping other people grow their reach will come back at you ten fold – that I promise you. I may not be able to play hardball with the following of some of the most influential people on the gram – in fact I know I never will.

BUT no one can come close to me in the connections I make and the relationships I build. That is my superpower and I’m ready to share it with the world!

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