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Ep 33: Setting Realistic Expectations

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“Our reality is actually being chosen by us. The barriers we are putting in our path… we are choosing to perceive as barriers rather than lessons. We’re trying to fix them and go around them rather than learn from them.” Does this perhaps describe you? When placed before a barrier, does your relationship with you initial expectations become tarnished because it is not at all what you had originally imagined?

Laura discusses exactly how to set realistic expectations and, perhaps more importantly, techniques to view obstacles as the way through during your wellness journey and not roadblocks to success.


1:17 – What do you expect from yourself?

3:54 – Roles to value most

5:52 – The three problems with expectations

9:20 – What failure really looks like

12:00 – Need versus want

15:58 – The question to ask yourself when you fail

19:01 – FOCUS!

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