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Ep. 4 – Impromptu Road Trip and Goal Planning Sesh

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Biz 101 – get clear on your goals. I was unclear for many many many many many years. I mean, I knew I wanted to be super successful, but it wasn’t until someone sat me down and made me zoom out that I was able to define what I wanted my future to really look like. It wasn’t until I broke it down into 3 year, 12 month, 9 month, 3 month, and weekly chunks that I felt focused enough to take action. I was falling into the trap that so many people do (be it in business or in life – I was busy hustling trying to make my 3 year vision happen, while completely ignoring everything that I had to do before I could get there.

Let me tell you something, figuring out where I wanted to be in my business, in my life, and financially in 3 years – that’s really fucking hard when you literally have no idea. “Further than where I am right now” – ya that’s what I wanted. But once I started to narrow down what that future ACTUALLY looks like…wow that’s when I really started make waves. It’s amazing how when you put something out into the universe, it somehow ends up happening. Literally every single time.

I mean, I know how its happening…a laaaaaat of hard work, long hours, and laser focus. But the difference is I am laser focused on the step in front of me instead of trying to jump to the top of the mountain. Taking these steps, one day at a time, will get me to the top of the mountain faster than trying to jump to the top a million times (cause I aint wonderwoman and my vert is basically zero).

Try it! Take some time and picture yourself in 3 years – where do you want to be. Now reverse engineer it baby! On the VLOG today this is why Landon and I went on a road trip – we set some big goals and we hit the road to flush out the details of it. We think super clearly when we are driving, so we always take a road trip to make big decisions and plans – funny hey! Don’t worry, I show you all the highlights, not the boring stuff like me writing frantically in my journal while Landon spews ideas and plans like verbal…well, you know.

Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be sharing the deets once we get it all finalized, but for now you’ll have to make due with this Day In The Life.

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