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Ep. 5 – Behind the Scenes | Photoshoot, Establishing Balance, and Date Night Noms

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Balance is a tricky thing…you think you have it all figured out and then the next minute you realize you don’t have it at all. That’s the thing, though, about being an entrepreneur. You need to be flexible to the changing tides. What you define as balance one day isn’t going to be what you define as balance the next. So here’s what I define as balance…

Balance, to me, is waking up every day excited about the work you GET to do and not feeling resentful towards it. Balance is being able to step away from work, without guilt, to appreciate life and all the beautiful things it has to offer other than work. Balance is being passionate about the work you do but understanding and believing that the people in your life and the memories you make with them are, and will always be, more important.
Sounds pretty darn fab, hey?

Yeah, like 6 months ago I would have resonated with that so hard. And now I live it. Sure, sometimes I still work 15 hour days. And ya, a lot of the time I’m doing work on weekends and vacations. But I FEEL balanced, because I have finally got to a point where that work doesn’t rule over my self-worth. That work doesn’t feel exhausting anymore – it actually feels exciting and empowering. I stopped letting work control my life, and instead made it a part of my life (a large part, but still only a part). I do not define my happiness based on my bank account. I do not define my success based on how many Instagram followers I have. I can close my laptop at the end of the day and feel accomplished instead of stressed and overwhelmed. And I do things for me, on my terms, for the first time….ever. I learned the word “no” and I feel great about using it (politely, of course) to honour myself and the boundaries I have established.

It sounds like I’m bragging. Believe me, I’m not. But here’s the thing – 1 year ago I would have hated this girl. I would have resented her because I felt trapped and like I would never get to that place. When you’re hustlin’ you got not time to sleep. Being tired was a badge of honor, and I wore it proudly for a long time.

I’m here to tell you that you can reclaim balance in your life too. It starts with intention, and one small step towards that balance. For me? I started by dreaming up my perfect schedule. If I could create it however I wanted it to be, what would it look like? Believe it or not, I’m pretty sure that schedule still had me working 60 hours a week – but at the time that felt like a dream from the normal 80-90 I was averaging on the reg.

And so I went to work. Making one small change after another until one day I woke up and I was living my perfect schedule. I had done it! And in the process, redefined my vision for my life, accepted new opportunities (because now I was open to them again!) and finally was able to exhale.

If you feel ruled by your work, unable to exhale – its time to make a change. At the end of this life you want to remember more than the work you did and all the late, lonely nights. You can still create massive impact, but if you don’t first impact yourself – you will always be limited in what you will achieve.

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