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Ep. 6 – Our Trip To Mexico!

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“How do you go to Mexico for a week, eat and drink your face off and not come back 10 pounds heavier?!”

…A question I get asked every time we go away.

Well girlfriend, I follow the same steps I teach all of my clients.

Step one: don’t worry about it. No seriously – the less you stress about it, the less you will over think it and the better you will be able to actually listen to your body rather than become obsessed over what you should or shouldn’t eat.

Step two: eat what’s really worth it. Buffet’s can be overwhelming – my strategy? Only put something on my plate if it’s really something I want to eat. Guess what? Normally that ended up being some sort of protein, a really awesome salad (their salad bars are perfection!) and a carb source or two. I usually didn’t finish everything because I would get full and stop – knowing I would be back there again tomorrow. Follow the same rules you always do to fill your plate, choose the options you will really enjoy, and eat slowly so you can recognize when you are full.

Step three: careful with the slushy drinks – a. They make you feel like garbage, b. The are loaded with calories, c. they will fill you up which means you won’t have room to hit up the ice cream parlour later! We usually drink soda water with lime juice through the day, and have a few drinks at night. Other than that – it’s all about hydration. Would you rather eat or drink your cals? Choose one or the other and your waistline will thank you.

Step four: be a little active – even if that is a walk down the beach every day, a 30 minute workout in the morning, or a stroll around the resort. Never underestimate the impact a little activity can have in the long run!

At the end of the day your trip is about relaxing and recharging and you can’t do that if you’re spending the whole time stressing out about what or what not to eat or drink! Relax, make the best decisions you can in the moment, make your trip about the experience and not the food, and enjoy your damn self!


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