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Ep. 090 – Sovereignty Workshop (PART 1) | Masterclass

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Episode Description



  1. supreme power or authority.

It is my deepest desire that every coach finds their way out of the masses…out of the box…and without the labels we were given to keep us small and controlled. I desire every coach to achieve supreme power and authority over the way they live, create, and lead. Sovereignty was a workshop I created to guide you through this awakening.

In Part 1 you’ll join me as we navigate through false realities of what we perceive needs to happen within our business, the pressure to scale, and what we are told to ‘want’ as a coach. We also talk about investing in a mentor and the importance of alignment. Lastly, we’ll explore the unconscious ways we justify doing the ‘heavy things’ – things we wish we didn’t have to do (but we tell ourselves we need to because we are following the rules). Lastly, Part 1 closes out with exploring our definition of ‘success’ and an invitation to begin to challenge this for yourself.

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