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Ep11: Lo Bondi-How to Utilize Discomfort to Maximize the Magic Within

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Finding your true self is a journey. Have you started that journey? Lauren (Lo) Bondi, a yoga instructor, health and wellness coach, and writer joins Laura to speak into this journey. Lo and Laura discuss the idea of discovering who you really are and fighting perfectionism. Listen to today’s episode to begin the process of loving your true self. Start having positive body image and get rid of perfectionism.


“The only way to start discovering who I really am is to strip myself of who I thought I was.”

-Lo Bondi


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1:41 – Who is Lo right now?

3:03 – Discovering your true self

7:01 – Beginning the process of discovering who you are and fighting perfectionism

14:50 – Why we should show our true selves rather than hide them

18:57 – Practical ways to develop positive body image: look in the mirror

23:41 – Shifting your idea of failure and discomfort

30:14 – Exploration of mindfulness

33:04 – How Lo’s past struggles have influenced her current impact

36:29 – Learning how to be kind to yourself and use your voice




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