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Ep12: Brandy Schroeder-Balancing Your Chaos and Figuring Your Sh*t Out

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Become productive. Replace wasted time. Develop non-negotiables. Brandy Schroeder, an online nutrition coach, online lifestyle coach, and entrepreneur, joins Laura to talk about taking control of life. Brandy shares how harmful overworking yourself can be. She and Laura discuss how to take care of yourself and grow in self-discipline. Listen in to start your journey of prioritizing your life.

“Who do you want to be and what do you want to achieve?”

-Brandy Schroeder



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2:33 – How Brandy began pursuing a new style of coaching and health

7:51 – Prioritize your non-negotiables to take control of your time and self-worth

17:41 – Starting and developing a life of action and positivity

23:37 – When it takes a severe panic attack to wake you up to reality

29:17 – Avoiding self-deprivation in the hustle-and-grind mentality of entrepreneurship

36:28 – Brandy’s rituals and practices for self-care: Reflection

40:45 – Learning to replace wasted time with productive practices

48:07 – Let micro moments develop happiness




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