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Ep13: Laura Poburan- Steps to Overcome the All-or-Nothing Mindset

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In this episode, Laura talks about a topic dear to her heart, something she and her clients commonly struggled with—the All or Nothing Mindset, trying to live a perfectionist life, giving in to the expectations dictated by social media. Listen in and learn the steps you can do to overcome this negative thinking pattern, get inspired, learn how you can move through it and come out on the other side more empowered and self-aware.

“Stand in your truth about how you want to feel in your life, how you want to feel in your body and make that your end goal.”

-Laura Poburan


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1:55 – The All or Nothing Mindset, the problematic struggle behind it the concept of clean eating

3:30 – The idea of perfectionism, the education around it

4:50 – Analogy behind eating your Grandma’s perfectly baked cupcake and staying perfect

7:45 – Psychological fulfillment and balance you get from allowing yourself to enjoy your Grandma’s cupcake

10:08 – Perfectionist or empowered: which defines you

14:10 – Ability to identify the source of your happiness, redefining your purpose and big whys

18:03 – Step 1: Reframing your self-dialogue

18:14 – Step 2: Letting go of expectations

20:26 – Step 3: Standing in your truth

22:35 – Step 4: Editing your relationships

25:23 – Laura’s actionable advice to overcome the All-or-Nothing mindset


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