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Ep4: Michelle Weinstein – What It’s Really Like Being an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship — according to people on Instagram, it’s one of the most extravagant lifestyles you could live. But is it really??? Tune in to today’s episode where Laura sits down with the host of the Success Unfiltered Podcast, the Pitch Queen herself, Michelle Weinstein. Tune in as they uncover what it’s really like being an entrepreneur.

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Nobody’s path is free of failures and setbacks…[but] if you believe in yourself and stay in the game magic will happen.”

Michelle Weinstein

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2:11 The Pitch Queen’s backstory
3:44 The unglamorous side of being an entrepreneur
10:00 Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Wantrepreneurs
12:45 The dangers of comparing yourself to others
17:00 How Michelle’s passion trumped her lack of knowledge
19:00 Michelle talks work-life balance
20:50 The power of knowing your strengths
28:20 Overcoming the need for perfection
20:50 The power of knowing your strengths
31:45 Michelle’s #1 tip for entrepreneurs


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