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Ep5: Angie Lee-The 4 Pillars You Need to Master to Have it All

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Today on the podcast entrepreneur, business coach, and podcaster, Angie Lee,  joins Laura to talk about her tips and key pillars for creating massive success and happiness in her life. Laura and Angie dive into how to have more energy and create balance across personal, social, and business life. Stay tuned till the end to learn what’s next for Angie and her new CBD company.

“Just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should.”

-Angie Lee

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2:58 The connection between your success and your health
6:44 How Angie is able to create more content and have more energy in her business than other entrepreneurs
12:00 Angie’s best advice for entrepreneurs who want to create more positive energy in their life and business
14:00 Removing negative people and negative content from your life
20:21 Establishing balance and life beyond entrepreneurship
31:00 How Angie has escaped her email inbox and hasn’t opened an email in a year!
36:50 Putting the blinders on and the annual Instagram audit
45:00 Inside details on Angie’s new CBD company and the shocking health benefits of CBD


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