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Ep6: Jen Neilson-The Power of Mindset and Meditation

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Jen Neilson, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, blogger, wife, mother of 2 among many other things, joins Laura on today’s episode of Have it All. Together these ladies discuss why you need to understand yourself and observe your mindset before you go about changing it.

“It’s not so much about changing our mindset. It’s about observing our mindset.”

-Jen Neilson

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2:30 Who is Jen Neilson
6:45 How mindset has impacted Jen’s current lifestyle
12:00 Emotions: You have to feel it to heal it
19:38 What balance truly is according to Jen
20:50 Why you have to take the time to get to know yourself
27:20 Meditation and how it has helped Jen in life and business
30:49 How Jen got into meditation
41:40 Being grateful without comparison




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