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Ep7: Keltie O’connor-Mastering Your Self Doubt and Standing in Your Truth

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On today’s episode of the Have it All Podcast, Keltie O’Connor takes time to chat with our host Laura Poburan. To some Keltie is considered an influencer, however, she defines herself as a hybrid fitness-fashion-sarcastic Youtuber and Instagram who has an athletic wear addiction. Listen in as Keltie shares her tips and tricks for overcoming self-doubt and breaking the comparison habit.

“You’re not entitled to anything, but anything is your oyster.”

-Keltie O’Connor

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2:23 Who is Keltie O’Connor and what she does

8:07 Keltie’s advice to those looking to leave their structured job

10:44 Pessimistic Visualization

13:00 The limiting power of perfectionism

17:24 Keltie’s tricks to overcome self-doubt

20:23 Breaking the bad habit of comparison

22:14  The power of trying new things

30:51 Where are people going wrong with self-branding




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