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Ep8: Tina Dominuez-Are You Fully Embracing The Woman You Want To Become?

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Have you ever felt alone in this world, like nobody cares about you? Have you ever suffered in silence at the hands of others? You are not alone. Tune in today to hear the triumphant story of the Nutrient Coach, Tina Dominguez. Hear how she was able to overcome a broken home, molestation, divorce and a whole lot more! This is one strong woman that will help you understand that you matter.


“If you don’t think that you can make a difference, you’re wrong!”

-Tina Dominguez


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1:55 Who is Tina Dominguez

4:50 Growing up in a broken home

11:05 Tina’s time in the Marine Corp


23:06 How divorce and rape helped Tina find her way back to fitness

28:00 Using your story to help others

31:50 Understanding who you truly are

36:17 The power of sharing your story

42:09 Why it’s so important to be your true self


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