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Ep9: Michelle Meeks-Why You Should Embrace Being a P***y

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On today’s episode of the Have it All podcasts, Laura is joined by feminist, nutrition coach and entrepreneur Michelle Meeks. Michelle is the founder of the “Be a Pussy” movement. Listen in to learn her strategies for moving passed limiting beliefs and stepping out on your own truths. In her own words “Let’s all aim to be a pussy.”

“The stronger the women then the stronger the men.”

-Michelle Meeks


Listen On


3:35 How the #beapussy movement began

7:08 Being a woman in the entrepreneurial world

12:28 Limiting beliefs and how to move past them

19:52 A backstory & life changing therapy

28:09 Advice for stepping out on your truth

30:23 How men can resonate with “being a pussy”

36:03 Getting over yourself and being you




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