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What are YOU doing to prioritize yourself?

This week I really took it back to basics.

“What does Laura need in order to feel her best?” I asked myself.

Time to learn. Time to sweat. Time to meditate. And Food. Obviously…

So that’s exactly what I did! And I thought I would bring you along for the ride in my most recent VLOG Episode.

But as you’re watching this, I want you to ask yourself what is going through your mind. Its normal to think things like “I wish I had the time to do that too…” or “man it looks so easy for her, why doesn’t it feel that easy for me…”

Here’s the reality sissy, it’s NOT easy for me. Time is limited for all of us. We are ALL BUSY. You need to create the time you need to be happy and feel balanced. It doesn’t just magically happen over night.

Also, if you’re waiting until “things calm down”, “finances are a little better”, “my kids go back to school”, etc etc blah blah blah…girlfriend you are going to be waiting the rest of your damn life.

That’s just the truth of it.

I used to say those things too. And then that day never came, and stress just got worse, and I was still in limbo. Waiting for the magical day to appear.

Over the last year I realized…what he f*ck am I waiting for? The stress NEVER goes away, the milestones are moving targets, and our happiness does not hinge on external validation or successes.

So here’s my new mantra…

Never wait for ‘X’ to determine your happy. Learn to be happy today, exactly as you are with exactly who you’re with and what you have. Take the time to yourself, to BE happy with you, your people and your life. Life is short, delicate and fleeting. And if you wait, you’ll miss out on all the beautiful things it can offer you.

You think you don’t have time right now? What about when life passes you by and you get to the end and realize…you had the time, you just wasted in on shit that didn’t matter.

Find the time. Create your happy.

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