When your client refuses to open up…

…do anything we suggest…

…or take responsibility for apparent their lack of effort?

We usually respond in one of three ways:

➡️we either dish the tough love, reminding them that if they don’t put in the work they won’t get the results

➡️we let them off with a pep-talk and a recap of what they “should” have done, and cross our fingers that this week will be different

➡️OR…we shift into fixer-teacher mode, searching for something in the plan to change or some part of our last conversation they “must have misunderstood” so we can course correct and get back on track.

But the problem with all of these ^^ scenarios?

Is that we are approaching the conversation from an us versus them perspective

…which unknowingly makes them shut down or armor up — neither of which allows us to be very productive in or out of session with that client, right?

So then, you’re probably wondering…what other options are there?

Well, there’s actually a really quick fix to this ENTIRE frustrating cycle…

And the major bonus? Is that fixing this one problem will also save you a butt-tonne of energy, time, and headaches in the future.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this training:

✅Why we all handle resistance in the same outdated way (it’s literally engrained into us as protective wiring) and how this is actually contributing to your clients non-compliance

✅The important role of the ego, why it’s not as bad as we all think…but why we totally need to give it a snack and a nap so it stops hijacking our sessions (and our life!)

✅An entirely new conversational approach to handling EVERY type of resistance from your clients without them reacting, shutting down, or getting defensive (you can literally give this a shot the minute after you learn it, its THAT fast 💨)

✅How these skills will translate into the rest of your life to make you a happier, less stressed, and WAY more productive human (this means no more monkey mind — you’ll feel grounded in every conversation, decision and moment from here on out)

Also…the freebie I spoke about a few times throughout? You can grab your copy right here




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