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How To Be Happy 101

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We all make excuses for things we do (or don’t do) – it’s a part of human nature! We tell ourselves we’re happy and we try our darnedest to look happy from the outside (thank you social media) when really there could be a storm brewing on the inside.

We tell ourselves one thing while we know we feel something completely different. We don’t honor what will truly make us happy because we are too busy making everyone else happy

Ain’t that the freakin’ truth, hey!?

Happiness looks different for everyone. That’s it. We need to stop judging other’s versions of happy and we need to stop comparing our version to others. It’s so messed up! We get caught in this sick little comparison game, when at the end of the day if you just took a second to listen to the voice in your head you’d realize what you’re chasing isn’t actually what is going to leave you feeling fulfilled.

Woah, we just went deep there…

So it’s time to pull yourself out of this loop. Pattern interrupt. Break the mold. Grab a pen, babe. You’re about to make a list of everything that makes you light up, gets you in your flow state, and leaves you with a cheesy annoying smile on your face for hours and hours. Start listing em off.

When you’re done take a tally of all the things off that list you do regularly.

If you’re anything like me it’ll be a big fat ZEEEERO. Don’t fret, it’s all good. I survived.

Now pick one! (ONLY ONE) And make it non-negotiable. Meaning schedule that bad boy into your calendar. Make it happen. Don’t cancel on yourself – you’re the most important person you know for goodness sake!

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