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The Happy Way To Hotness

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It’s Not Just Your Body, It’s Your LIFE

Yes the bikini body looks and feels great, but so does a marriage that’s on fire backed by a mind that can create anything the heart desires.

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Do you understand the cost of ignoring your unhealthy relationship with food? Do you understand what you’re really doing when you netflix & binge on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? You’re hiding, girlfriend. You’re hiding from your past, from your emotions, and from your fear of failing. You’re hiding from worthiness, from an uncomfortable conversation you have to have with your spouse, from the stress of dealing with your shitty boss, and from your unrealistic expectation of being the perfect mom. You’re tired of having no time for yourself, of avoiding mirrors, and of giving up your power to everyone else. You’re hiding from change and from the discomfort that comes along with it.

You think that “if only I could lose the weight, then I would be happy”. But what does that version of happy even look like? Do you love yourself more? Do you have a better relationship with your spouse? Do you gain the confidence to talk to your boss, embrace your imperfections or lean in to the discomfort of change more easily? Do you really think that losing those pounds is going to transform you from the inside, out?

If I allowed you to only focus on your nutrition as the answer to your problems I would be failing you as your coach. I would be just like every other shitty nutrition program out there promising you false happiness. Happy isn’t a ribbon you get for crossing the weight loss finish line. If you truly want to make a lasting change, you need to be ready to understand why you are where you are. You need to be ready to get vulnerable with yourself, lean in and give yourself the space to actually FEEL something.

You need to be ready to stand in your truth and embrace all that you are and all that you want to become – you alone hold the power to choose who this woman is.

Enroll in The Happy Way To Hotness

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