You know that moment when you’ve waded into a conversation with a client about their past…their struggles…or what has brought them to where they are.​

And they start to crack open?​

​You see them open up to you emotionally…they’re courageously sharing with you snippets of their traumatic past…​

​And even though your inside voice is screaming “OMG YES THIS IS THE BREAKTHROUGH WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!”​

​You also start to panic.​

​And even though you desperately want them to keep going deeper…​

​You don’t know what question to ask next…​

​…what to do with the hard answers you might get…​

​…or whether or not you even SHOULD “go there”.​

​So you stop short of the breakthrough.​

​In this week’s video I’ll be going over exactly how to navigate conversations like this one in 2021 so that you can confidently guide your clients as deep as you need to extract all the juicy nuggets that will make their journey so much more powerful for them…​

​…and truly fulfilling for you.​


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