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The Power Of The Pivot and Making Deeper Business Decisions

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Something had been feeling “off” for a while. I woke up with less excitement, my progress in the biz was slowing and my profits were tanking. “I hadn’t changed anything,” I thought, “why was everything falling apart around me?”

“Why can’t I get my feet underneath me?”

And so in a life where the hustle was very much a part of how I lived day to day, I sucked it up. I pushed harder. I checked more boxes. I did more things. I pushed on like a champ.

As you can imagine, all of this pushing on, sucking up, and burying of all the signs that I should have been paying attention to…eventually burnt me out. Hard.

My choice to ignore the deeper signs that a pivot was near was completely reactionary to my deeper rooted comparison to others and expectations of myself.

I WAS A BOSS BUSINESS WOMAN. I do not give up.

But a pivot, I learned the hard way, is not the same as waving the white flag.

What It Means To “Pivot”

A pivot in business just means that you change your focus, your direction, where you place your energy and where you choose to grow.

In that time of pushing on and sucking up, I realize now that I was making the choice to stay stuck. I was making the choice to ignore the painful discovery that what I was doing wasn’t what I wanted to be doing.

Let’s face it, change is hard for almost everyone.

Not only that, but moving from a place where the money is, to a place where there is complete uncertainty around whetehr the money will be there, is really, really, really fucking scary.

We are trained to measure our success by our bank accounts. And so that’s where we focus and that’s what drives our decisions.

What I learned, in reality, is that when we are in alignment with what we are building. When we are 100% certain that the direction of our growth is going to make us happier and more fulfilled. When we are in flow with what we do on the daily…the money flows to us.

So a pivot, to me, means gaining a deeper understanding of what you want to do in this life and not being afraid to listen to those thoughts and desires EVEN IF they are difficult, scary or painful to say out loud.

Changing directions doesn’t mean abandoning all that you have built already, it could be one small change that would ultimately lead to you feeling that sense of happiness you currently lack. For example, it could be moving more towards a leadership role in your business rather than the daily operator. It could be slightly changing who you take on as clients, what boundaries you set in your schedule, the way you deliver your services, or simply your messaging on social media.

Alternatively, and much like the pivot we just went through not even a week ago, it could mean taking a giant step back, assessing your business from the 30,000 ft. view and realizing that you had been following the map upside down for months.

My realization of this led to a change in our business that has since catapulted us, in less than a week, into a frenzie of passion, excitement and purpose that we had been missing for quite some time. One afternoon of reflection. One decisive moment. That I wanted to HELP more people than I had been. That I wanted to become more accessible to those who resonate so deeply with my message. I wanted to be there for them.

And so, in that moment I chose to be courageous instead of comfortable and I made a change.

How To Know When To Pivot Or Proceed

Knowing WHEN to pivot…wooooowie that’s a biggie. So many thoughts race through your head during a decision like this…

Am I unhappy, or just tired?

Maybe I just need to sleep more?

I used to love this, what’s wrong with me?

What changed?

Maybe I just need a vacation.

I work so hard, it’s not fair that I’m not where Iwant to be yet.

“SHE” did it, why can’t I?

All of these thoughts…they’re self-deprecating and eventually become self-fulfilling prophecies in our lives.

They spiral us without us even realizing it.

We tap into our masculine energy, and push harder. Suck it up. Work longer. Do more *things*.

All with the end goal to be able to breathe. To exhale, but in time it becomes clear to us that everything we had been doing in an attempt to “break out of our funk” was actually just tightening the straight jacket we continue to wear.

Business will never be easy. But we sure make listening to our deeper thoughts difficult, don’t we? We are superstars at pushing uncomfortable thoughts aside so that we can be perceived as the successful entrepreneur we want to be.

Knowing when to pivot…well that’s a loaded question because the answer is going to be majorly different for every single person and every circumstance. Start paying attention to how you feel every day. What do you spend your time doing each day that you feel amazing with…completely at peace…happy and joyful. That you’re excited to wake up and do? Makes you feel yum on the inside?

What about your day’s gives you that “blechh” feeling inside…your light dims a little when you have to do something, or maybe your body feels a little more rigid or anxious.

Maybe there’s no specific *thing* but just a feeling of not quite being as happy as you used to be or as you thought you would be.

These are all signs. Stop ignoring them! Move into discovery mode instead. What’s missing? What’s off? What do you enjoy doing that you aren’t making a priority? What do you wish you didn’t have to do any more?

Giving yourself permission to explore these feelings instead of shutting them down is the first step to uncovering whether you need to make a change. Think it through and come back to your “why” always. Pull out a piece of paper and start a braindump! Money aside…what would you be doing every single day if you could do anything?

It’s here that you discover your pivot.

Tapping Into Your Alignment

Alignment sounds a little woowoo to a lot of you, I get it. It did for me too.

Until I felt it. Until I tapped into it. Until I realized that all alignment really means is living your life every single day in the way that feels the best to you and trusting that in doing so abundance in all forms is coming to you.

That you are meant for more than the straight jacket you have been confining yourself to.

That there is a super cute flowy dress waiting for you to slip into instead.

That you deserve that, that you’re ready for it, and that you want to break free from the hustle to embrace more peace.

It took me a really long time to reach a place where I felt this desire to search for more. Just like many of your stories, I was in hustle mode 24-7 where I was forever failing to live up to the expectations I set for myself. The search for more started at the peak of my burnout.



Perpetually “failing”.

Frustrated and blaming others.

Unable to see that this was all truly happening for me, not to me.

In my search for my fulfillment I quickly realized that the lens I had been looking through was the one I chose. That it was no one’s fault but my own. That I was creating the future I was putting my energy into. It’s greener where you water, right? Well I was watering burnout with a firehose on full blast.

And in that moment of clarity, I realized that if I could choose failure, burnout, anxiety and lack of purpose…then I could also choose joy, fulfillment, happiness and passion.

And so…I chose.

I chose to listen to myself better. To follow the direction of my heart and soul rather than the direction my dinosaur brain had been leading my down. “Stupid dinosaur brain.”

To start to understand myself more deeply, to create a better relationship with ME and to water that relationship instead of the negative thoughts that had been hijacking my life for so long.

Tapping into your alignment…is coming home to yourself.

The time leading up to the moment you decide to start living a happier life…that’s the long, hard part of it all. The moment you decide that you’re never going back there? That moment is easy. And it’s in that instant your whole world can change.

Tapping into your alignment is uncomfortable, and scary and unknown. Which is why I think a lot of us resist for so long. We believe the thoughts that we tell ourselves about it not being possible to live a life that feels peaceful all the time. That life is hard. That business is hard. That you have to grind if you’re going to make it. That you need to be willing to do what others will not. That entrepreneur life is hard, but worth it in the end. That you don’t deserve to rest unless you check off your entire to-do list…and even then it’s questionable. That you cannot possibly be worthy of all that you have built…and so you need to work harder to prove to yourself that you are. I could go on forever.

Being aligned is to be free from all of those thoughts…to choose to believe the thoughts that serve you and allow all other thoughts to fall at your feet as you step right on over them.

Being in true alignment happens consciously, sure. But it also happens subconsciously and neurologically. In other words, your body knows when you aren’t in alignment…and it tells you.

You just haven’t been listening.

Why It’s About More Than Making Bank

Okay, rad Laura. But I still need to pay my bills. I can’t seriously abandon a job where I’m making money to pursue all that my heart desires.

Remember when I told you that when you are in flow, everything flows with you? Money is the same way. Money is nothing more than energy. When you believe that you are in alignment with what you’re doing, when you feel grounded in your purpose, when you feel energized and excited and joyful in the day to day…money will flow to you.

If you don’t believe this, it’s not that it doesn’t work like this. It’s that you need to understand your deeper seeded relationship with the cash.

WHY do you feel like making money is hard? Where did that belief come from? Is that your belief or is that something that someone taught you growing up? Were your parents financially stable or did they pinch pennies? How do you measure your abundance?

How do you measure your SUCCESS?

To quote the powerful TR (aka: Tony Robbins): “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate form of failure”

So. If you feel unhappy, unfulfilled, unsure, burnt out, stressed out, anxiety balling up in your tummy where the yum should actually be…will financial abundance change this?

If you achieve financial freedom doing all of the things you dislike…why do you believe that when you “make it” you can change your life then?

This way of thinking sets us up for the ultimate form of failure – watching your hard work come crashing down like a bad Brittany circa 2007 incident because you cannot continue to live a life unfulfilled forever.

Eventually something is going to shift – either by you or by the universe. And when that day comes, I would rather you be in control of why it’s happening.

I would rather you build abundance in many different areas of your life, not only in the financial realm. All money does is allows you to be seen as you really are, and gives you the choice to do more of what you want. It does not make you happier or more joyful. It actually amplifies the person you have become during your growth to financial freedom.

What person do you want that to be?

The choice is yours, right here and now. In this moment. You can lean into the uncertainty that is our entrepreneurial reality and stop measuring our success in binary standards and against the perceived success of others.

Or we can choose alignment, purpose, happiness and fulfillment and TRUST that in doing so abundance in all arenas are on its way to us.

Which will you choose…courage, or comfort?

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