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“Ticket To Retention” Workshop

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Ever wish you could get your clients to stop rushing their weight loss and fully buy-into a long-term journey with you, Laura?

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Which is why I’d really like to give you the 3 step process I teach my 1:1 students that helps them to stop constantly chasing new leads and worrying about resigning their clients…

…AND stop praying to the “progress gods” every Sunday before the SOS messages start rolling in.

Cause lets face it.

It’s frustrating as hell when it feels like you just got going with a client, and before you know it they are throwing in the towel because their results weren’t fast enough.

Not to mention how stressful it is when clients aren’t progressing like we want them to, and you’re worried that if we don’t do something quick that they will give up and quit 😳🤢

Which either causes us to make changes to the plan we normally wouldn’t…

…drop our rates just to keep them for longer…

…or cross our fingers and hope that they don’t bring it up.

The thing is, increasing the time your clients work with you, even by just 2 or 3 months means that you will…

  • Build stronger relationships and gain their trust so you can go deeper with them on what’s truly keeping them stuck in their negative patterns
  • Never have to worry about hustling to fill a gap in your revenue because a client stopped unexpectedly
  • Stop stressing about whether they are happy with their progress + obsessing over what more you could be doing
  • Stop trying to “race the clock” so you can slow down and fully trust that you know what you’re doing and their rate of progress is exactly as it needs to be

And doing all of this?

Depends on whether or not you’re having the RIGHT conversations at ⚠️3 KEY STAGES of the client journey.


If you’d like to learn what these crucial conversations are (and how to have them effectively?)

Check it out ✌️


By the way: whenever it feels good for you, I’d love to chat with you about working together to upgrade you to a more advanced coaching toolkit filled with deep connection and neuroscience so you can create life-altering results with every client you work with.

Just click the button when you’re ready ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

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