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It’s SO f*cking easy to put yourself last.

At first it happens slowly…”oh, I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow”, “I don’t have time to meditate today, I have to get to my email”, “I need to get this done, I can catch up on sleep this weekend”.

And you may not realize it at first, but over time you start to feel…tired. And then burnt out. And then you feel stuck, like there’s no crawling back so you just go into zombie mode and continue to do all the things for all the people…who aren’t you.

Do you feel guilty to take 30 minutes to do something for yourself each day? Even if it means not getting as much work done, or giving as much of yourself to your family or your clients or your work?

Ya, I hear ya girlfriend. So did I.

Correction – I still do sometimes! It’s like I have this insatiable desire to be f*cking burnt out because THAT’S how the world will know I’m working hard. THAT’S the definition of an entrepreneur, a badass woman, a go-getter.

But do you know what I realized? When I prioritize myself. When I take the time to move my body, stimulate my mind, shut down at a decent hour, get a good night sleep, meditate in the morning, eat nourishing foods, connect with my husband, talk to my friends and family…I show up to the world with a different energy.

I no longer feel like I’m clawing my way to the top…I kind of just start to float there.

Little things don’t bother me so much, I can stay in an abundance mindset, I don’t dwell on my shortcomings, and I don’t feel guilty about filling up my own cup along the way.

I think the all encompassing word for that is…peace. I feel peace. And happy. Peace and happy.

You have a goal…I know you have a goal because you’re still reading this. Are you struggling to reach that goal? What have you done in the last 24 hours for yourself? What about in the last week? Month?

Do you feel rested or fatigued?
Do you feel peace or anxiety?
Do you feel successful only when you’re exhausted, or do you feel empowered and in flow with your work?

Any goal you have you are capable of achieving…cliche, yes. But so so true.

Before you can have it, you need to learn how to make yourself a priority. You need to learn that it’s okay to take time to rest. You need to get over “hustle and grind” and figure out what success looks like to you on your own terms.

You need to figure out who the fuck you are and what you want out of life.

Who are you?
What do you want?
What would your life look like if you could build it from a blank slate?
Now stop and picture yourself there…how does that feel?
Who are you with? What are you doing?

Now…what needs to change in order to get you there?

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