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What To Do When Your Nutrition Marketing Feels “Gross”

By February 4, 2021No Comments

Listen, do you mind if I address the elephant in the room?

We can’t be afraid to talk about it…

…the fact is, most online coaches want more clients…

And if they could get a steady stream of people reaching out to them and happily paying their premium prices?

Even better.

But not all of us want to be the wolf-on-wall-street in order to get em.

So high pressure marketing tactics?

They feel kinda…gross. Amiright?

Trust me, I know.

Marketing ourselves online is not only really (reeeally) time consuming.

It also feels like we’re trying to crack the DaVinci code every time we toss up a post.

I mean…

We didn’t start out as an online coach thinking we would also need to ALSO be a facebook ads expert…

…and a funnel hacker…

..and edit our photos like a 15 year old insta-famous prodigy…

All just to get someone to stop scrolling their feed like a complete psycho for long enough to read the few words we managed to blurt out…

But if those words aren’t witty enough?

…or if we’re “too fake”…

…or (heaven forbid) just plain old BORING?

They’re gone like the freaking Flash.

Oh, and they’re never coming back, either.

Talk. About. Pressure.


I spent the first 10 years of my coaching career trying to figure this stuff out.

And to say I’ve nailed it?

Would be a gross exaggeration.


I did figure out a thing or two about how to get people to actually care about what I was saying…

I figured out how to sell myself online without sounding like a desperate robot sliding into everyone’s dm’s like a crazy person…

And! I figured out how to create content without you-tubing how to build my own lighting box (actually, I did this once)…

…or asking my husband to take so many “candid” photos of me laughing at a salad that I had to put him on the payroll…

(he just never really got the whole “posed-but-natural” look I was going for anyways)

Let me be real with you for a sec.

…all those courses out there about “batching 60 days of content in 8 hours?”

I’ve done them…they’re bullshit.

…oh, and the funnels that are supposed to generate you money on auto-pilot while you’re sipping a marg on the beach?

Tried those too…also bullshit.

…not to mention ALL the free content calendars…the photo editing tutorials…the insta story prompts…the facebook group engagement hacks…and the fb ad’s for beginners cheat-sheets?

Dude. I’ve used them all…and they’re. all. bullshit.

At least they were for me.

Probably because I hate sounding salesy, being pushy, coming across as scripted or just copying other people who are making money because…maybe it will work for me too.

So if you’ve ever felt frustrated by the lack of REAL information about how to market yourself as a coach…

…or if you’ve tried a few of those things out yourself…and you still feel like you are the furthest thing from having it “figured out”…

I have something suuuuper cool for you.

A cheatsheet.

(just kidding)


It’s the secret I figured out to marketing yourself in a really flowy, easy, anti-hype-y way

So your people can actually connect with what you have to say,

AND so you don’t get lost in TikTok land or fall down a rabbit hold trying to figure out how to make non-annoying Reels on insta 🤣😂

Here’s a quick 5 minute video where I talk about it ⇣⇣⇣


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