A space for coaches to break traditional molds and ascend into a frequency of simplicity and ease.

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The Secret Garden is a sacred space for coaches to let go of their grip to what “should be”…and breathe life into the truth of who they really are, stand for and desire to create in the world.

The Secret Garden is designed to reignite your true calling as a coach, reach new levels of mastery & become an energetic match for the people you most desire to serve.

Join us as we collectively shift away from coaching models that limit our innate gifts and muzzle our voices. We’re unsubscribing from doing more, knowing more & making more as the acceptable means by which we access our value…and illuminating the parts of us that have always been enough.

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Latest from EXPAND, the Podcast

EXPAND, The Podcast
February 3, 2023

Ep. 155 – February Ritual | Activating (+ Trusting) Our Intuitive Energy

  Episode Description Welcome to our February Ritual 🌬️ In this session, Laura guides us through a playful, explorative & expansive practice that teaches us how to feel into our…
EXPAND, The Podcast
February 1, 2023

Ep. 154 – How To Set A Price That Matches Your Energy

  Episode Description In this episode of EXPAND, Laura is diving into a question that comes up for every coach creating a new program, offer, or experience for their people:…
EXPAND, The Podcast
January 27, 2023

Ep. 153 – Launching Gets To Be Easeful | Behind The Scenes

  Episode Description This is a clip from one of our monthly coaching calls from inside The Secret Garden. In these hot seat style sessions, Laura answers your questions +…
EXPAND, The Podcast
January 25, 2023

Ep. 152 – The Illusion of Borrowing Success: Finding True Security Within Yourself with Jon McLernon

  Episode Description In this episode, Laura is joined by an EXPAND favorite, Jon McLernon, to discuss what might really be going on at the deepest of levels when we hire a…
EXPAND, The Podcast
January 20, 2023

Ep. 151 – How To Work With Clients With Complex Life-Circumstances | Behind The Scenes

  Episode Description This is a clip from one of our weekly live coaching calls from inside The Secret Garden. Inspired by questions + themes from inside our community, these…
EXPAND, The Podcast
January 18, 2023

Ep. 150 – Accessing Your Unique Creative Expression | January Ritual Part 3

  Episode Description Welcome to our final segment in January's 3-Part Creative Ritual Series. In today's episode, Laura invites us to notice how we may be complicating creation and adding…

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