Welcome to my little corner of the universe, love…

My story, just like yours I’m sure, is riddled with struggle, scarcity, fear, limitation, doubt, ego, comparison and failure.

As a coach, these inner blocks held me back for over a decade. I kept making the same mistakes and falling into the same cycles…blaming algorithms, time, money, marketing, mentors and even clients for why I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet.

Until I realized my true struggle had nothing to do with my external success. The real battle I was fighting was with myself this whole time. I was caught in a fight between upholding the image of who I was taught I needed to be…and who I truly was outside of the culture of coaching. To my core, I was a heart-centered coach who had her own way of seeing the world that didn’t quite match the way other people saw it.

It was that clarity…that awakening…that has brought me to you now.

Not to help you grow your business. But for something much more profound. To shift something deep within you, too…and wake you up from living the same zombie-like existence as a coach I once was.

The truth? You were never meant to chase the 10k months…or bounce between “hot” growth hacks hoping something will magically “work”.

You were never meant to stress out about creating show-stopping content or silently rank yourself against the perceived success of other coaches. Everything we think we need to do (or become) in order to feel good about who we are and how we coach? Are the same things keeping us stuck in imposter syndrome, burnout, self-doubt and fear.

Your soul’s purpose isn’t to chase arbitrary client data points, monetary milestones or external validation that you are enough.

The entire point is to find deep personal growth from the work that you do…to powerfully connect with the people you serve…and to shine your light on a new path forward for them, too. One where radical change is experienced in the deepest parts of their psyche…where the results you create for others are purely a reflection of your own inner work…and where success comes from just being you and aligning yourself with every aspect of how you live, lead and serve.

The thing is…I believe that nutrition coaches are among the most powerful change-makers of today.

And if you’ll let me? I’d like to lead you in a shift away from traditional coaching practice towards a more healing-based approach – one where physical change alone, without also mental and emotional transformation is not only outdated…it’s also becoming undesirable. One where we must be ready to go deeper with our clients than we ever have before.

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