Welcome to my little corner of the universe, love…

If you asked me today who I am? I’d tell you that I’m best known as a guide and mentor to coaches who don’t “fit” the mold of what we’re told we’re supposed to do, be, teach or create.

I’d tell you that I lead the black sheep of our industry…the quiet rebels, the weirdos, the creatives, and the square pegs that could never quite find a round hole big enough for them. I’m here for the empaths, the healers, the softies, the givers and the woo-woo babies that have never truly found their place among the millions of coaches content with doing only what is required and disappearing into clones of one another.

I am the light that reflects your true potential back to you simply by standing in my own. And the gift I have to offer already exists within you…it is simply my purpose to unlock the space in which it occupies so that you may feel it, trust it and use it…so that your magic may be truly felt by the world.

And so? I created a space for the heart-led to come home to and feel safe in. A space that strips away everything you never were…and brings you back into that which makes you truly valuable.

I am here to lead a collective shift away from coaching models that limit our innate gifts and muzzle our voices.

I’m unsubscribing us from doing more, knowing more & making more as the acceptable means by which we access our value…and reigniting the parts of us that have always been enough. 

But I wasn’t always this way. Nor did I always believe I was innately “enough”

For most of my career I regarded the magical pieces of mel as nothing more than liabilities to be contained.

I ignored my intuition when it nudged me…I muzzled my voice when it stirred within me.

I abandoned my risky desires over and over again to defend the illusion that doing so, and following the predetermined path, would bring me the success, security & validation I was taught to crave.

And as much as I tried to fight against it? As much as I judged myself for it…and tried to compensate for my shortcomings by working harder and sacrificing more personally?

I couldn’t help but let my emotions lead me and I never hesitated to sacrifice money to help someone more deeply, even if it meant abandoning myself in the process.

Which sounds noble…but wasn’t really.

I just didn’t understand how to access and trust the innate value I carried within me…

And I didn’t understand then that I was never really being asked to sacrifice my true nature for the payoff of security…for validation…for applause.

I just couldn’t find evidence for myself that being ME was enough…and so I rejected the parts of me that didn’t “fit” the mold to impress my mentors…to be a good coach…to follow a predictable path.

It wasn’t until years later that I began to understand that it is in fact our true nature that brings us into the flow of abundance once we’re able to strip away the stagnant beliefs that block us from accessing it…from accessing our gifts.

So for over a decade it has been my own evolution that has allowed me to learn how to guide you through yours.

And in turn, it will be through your awakening that you will learn how to lead your clients through theirs.

This is a new path forward for all of us…

A shift in our awareness where uniqueness…rebellion…and fierce ideas are held with equality among the quiet moments of growth…the gentle shifts that shape us…and the tender “waking up” that exists in the cracks of our evolution.

An opportunity to strip away everything we’re “supposed to be”, come home to the truth of who we really are…and lead ourselves towards our purest form of alignment.

A sacred space where your biggest breakthroughs will not come from the loud moments of action or movement…but rather from the gentle moments of quiet courage.

But even beyond that, this is the moment where we are being asked to offer each other something that cannot be found in any other room I’ve ever encountered:

A deep sense of safety to fully express yourself, your struggle, and your fears…to be in chaos…to get frustrated, activated and triggered…and to chase after your truest desires…

…all without facing judgment, shame, or a shrinking away from your truth just to fit in or belong…

But rather knowing that everyone around you…is moving through their own version of the exact same journey you are. 

There’s power here that cannot be explained…only experienced. 

And I truly cannot wait for you to meet the version of yourself that you have always been, but have never known, trusted, or allowed to be seen.

Until now.

Love you, 

Here for you,

Eternally proud of you,

Laura 🌹