What they are saying…

“It impacted me in so many ways on so many levels.”

“The thing that I appreciate about this the most is the fact that I’m now able to help my clients understand what their triggers are and why they make the decisions that they make. Not only has it helped me help them, but it’s helped me identify what my triggers are and what I need to do to work around those as well.”

“A game-changer for my coaching career”

“[Before joining] I couldn’t quite shake that there was just still something missing that I couldn’t quite get. And it didn’t matter how small the action step was with somebody, or how many worksheets I gave them to work on. I just couldn’t quite get the long lasting change that I was hoping for. This program has given me a sense of confidence that I never thought possible.”

“I was able to do more for me and more for my clients.”

“When I went into The Secret Garden, I found out more about myself and how I have to be and think and behave in order for me to be able to support my clients. I’m so grateful that Laura helped me to become a more heart-centered coach, which is exactly what I wanted and needed for myself first, and for my clients second. This has been such an amazing addition – and investment in myself.”

“This has been a life changing experience for me.”

“The Secret Garden is an intimate setting where she offers you support on anything you come to her with…she really just brings a vulnerability to her rooms where you get to know each other on such a deep level. You just really feel held by Laura.”

“She’s holding your hand and holding your heart”

“It was, by and large, the most vulnerable coaching experience I have ever had. But I have never felt safer, I have never felt more seen and never felt as supportive as I did with Laura especially, but also the other individuals within the room. It was an experience to not only transform myself, but to witness these other women transforming in their own ways”

“Who was I before?”

“I now really feel like I can trust my voice, I now feel that I can trust my intuition and my gut and not follow what I think others are doing or what I think is’ ‘right’. I am just so trusting in myself, and what I can provide and learning to really feel into that vision. I’m just so excited now about what I have to offer.”

“Ongoing support from the TSG community has helped me continue to grow as a coach and person.”

“After being certified with nutrition coaching, I was totally lost because although I was coaching, I didn’t quite understand that although I gave the same nutrition plan to all

Clients, I didn’t know why not all clients saw results, So when I first heard about Triggermapping  I knew this was the missing piece, I began to learn about how the brain works and why everyone is different and how that effects anyone from teaching their goals

Not only did the comment and videos Amaze me but the ongoing support was outstanding! The weekly support calls with Laura made me feel special, unique, heard and seen in ways that I have never felt before.

As we dug deep into the content I began to not only become a bette coach but a better person, wife, Daughter and friends. Although  I have finished the 6 months programme, I continue to learn, evolve and growth with the ongoing support I’m getting from the Facebook groups.

Laura and the TM group are like a family to me now and they continue to be, the best certification I have ever done, totally exceeded my expectations!”

– Huda Al-Hakim

“It helped me guide clients to understand and work with root causes of habits”

“This has helped me incredibly in understanding how you can guide [your clients] with effective questioning, to discover…the rules that they’re living their lives by and how they’ve been using food in an unhealthy way to meet needs in their lives.”

“Bridges the gap between where clients are and where they want to be.”

“The program was amazing because it provided me with the tools that I needed that I felt like I was missing when it came to coaching my clients.”

“The perfect bridge between my nutrition and life coaching certifications.”

“This provided the missing link in my training, giving me the tools to guide clients through a complete process from start to finish [and] I gained a deeper understanding of the emotional and psychological factors that influence my clients’ choices.”

“I’m helping clients in a completely different way”

“I feel like I’m helping them on a much deeper level. And the feedback that I’ve had from them has been amazing. And they are actually referring clients to me!”

“Breaking the cycle of dieting and achieving lasting change.”

“If we never fix whatever brought them into this never ending cycle of dieting, they are just going to go back to square one after a while of working after working with us.”

“This is the program that takes you to a deeper level with your clients”

“She takes you to the core of human psychology…and why our clients are doing what they’re doing”

“Prior to finding The Secret Garden, I just kind of felt lost with my clients.”

“I learned how to peel back the layers to really dig deep into

habits, beliefs, thoughts, and why they do certain things in a way that actually felt good and didn’t feel like I was prying or acting as their therapist. It’s so effective for clients to fully understand where they are and why they may be struggling to make changes. It’s a full circle, eye-opening experience for both myself and my clients.”

“I always knew that I wanted to differentiate myself from the standard fitness and nutrition coach”

“All of the inevitable fears that every coach has about not knowing what to do with a client, not knowing what to say with a client seemed to vanish because I was showing up with a whole new level of confidence in myself and in my abilities”

“This changed my life, not just my coaching”

“The Secret Garden has truly been an absolute blessing in my life. Prior to finding Laura I just kind of felt lost with my clients, I felt like I was constantly going round and round in circles talking about the same things, and not really finding that success with them in implementing changes into their lifestyles.”

“I had successful clients in the past, but now it’s like, next level”

“I really now feel way more confident as a coach, way more settled on calls, not gripping any outcomes, more just more at peace with who I am, like feeling okay that when I don’t have all the answers on a call, I truly feel that I can now hold the space for my clients to get curious and work through their blocks in a way that I never even could approach before.”

“Transforming your coaching skills and empowering your clients for real change.”

“It has been such a tremendous help for me, not only in my business and with coaching my clients, but also for myself. It made me a better coach, and it made me help my clients on an even deeper level.”

“I feel like I am such a better registered dietitian and nutrition coach”

“The entire program is set up perfectly to allow you to engage and dig deep into the topics covered, and really absorb the information. Laura is such a relatable and wonderful mentor, and I feel like a better registered dietitian and nutrition coach because of the knowledge I gained from working with her.”

“Laura’s passion and dedication to her coaches sets her apart from others.”

“Laura brings everything back to alignment and that’s why I enjoyed it so much! She really wants you to serve people and use your gifts in a way that feels good for you.

The support calls were extremely helpful to grow as a coach! The opportunity to listen to other coaches questions and present your own questions about clients journeys, sets Laura and her team apart from others. It’s obvious with the amount of work she has put into the amazing course material and support she offers to her coaches/students, that this is her gift and her passion.

I would definitely recommend others learn from Laura’s experience and knowledge! You will feel supported and you will learn so much about your clients relationships with food and themselves!”

– Twyla Loewen

“A profound experience”

“It was this experience of coming home to ME that really allowed me to move forward now from a place of much deeper self trust.”

“Dig deep and unlock your clients potential”

“The confidence and clarity gained from this course has allowed me to launch my own business and help clients achieve lasting success.”

“Immediately transformed my business.”

“Within a month, all my difficult clients became my easy clients.”

“This improved my business tenfold because it made me better at connecting with other humans.”

“I found it quite surprising, the bravery that I felt and the confidence that I felt not only in the rates that I decided to charge, but also in the ability to dig deeper into ideas and concepts, even after an initial consultation with a client that maybe other coaches wouldn’t have.”

“One of the best decisions that I’ve ever made”

“The more I learned, the more I did, the more I realized that it was worth every single penny that I invested in it. If you’re like me, and you want to offer more for your clients, you know that there’s more than just a meal plan or a set of numbers or that number on the scale, then this certification is a must.”

“I truly just cannot believe the skill set that I have now”

“I felt like I was stuck in this box of fat loss and macros and scale weight and and really only being able to help women with the aesthetics where as I knew that I wanted to go deeper, I wanted to help women on a more sustainable and long term perspective. The course content is just life changing. Like seriously, I truly just cannot believe the skill set that I have now”

“I realized that I could be both scared and powerful at the same time.”

“I knew that there was something that was missing. I didn’t know what it was. But I just knew that until I figured out what that thing was I would constantly be stuck in the cycle of growing and expanding and building momentum, and then sabotaging myself and shrinking back down to a place that felt comfortable.”

“The truth is, I didn’t really want that traditional path”

“I think what’s so amazing is that I went into this really knowing and believing that there was going to be a personal journey that I needed to walk myself through…but I had no idea how many stuck beliefs I had about myself, and how uncomfortable I was to be fully vulnerable. I didn’t realize that so many of the internal barriers that I was holding within myself, were stopping me from being able to not only meet clients where they are, but also be in a place where I was confident enough in myself to expand my business and get out of what I didn’t want to be doing anymore.”

“Stripping back the layers for true business alignment and transformation.”

“Really what happened was my own internal transformation going from a girl who thought she had it all together, kind of stuffing myself into this nutrition box that did not feel aligned…to realizing that this whole coaching process is an evolution and there is no arrival date. It’s ever evolving.”

“TSG has led to a big momentum shift for my health coaching practice.”

“The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together for me and my health coaching practice. Having the tools to go deeper into my clients’ triggers and patterns around food to raise their awareness has totally changed my initial consultation calls. This has also led to me standing out and attracting more 1-on-1 clients. This process has led to a big momentum shift for my business.”

– Devon M. T. Sims