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Ep. 151 – How To Work With Clients With Complex Life-Circumstances | Behind The Scenes

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Episode Description

This is a clip from one of our weekly live coaching calls from inside The Secret Garden. Inspired by questions + themes from inside our community, these rooms are designed to guide your exploration of new ways of being, thinking & leading.

This week, we spoke about how the areas of our lives are interconnected in some way, and how a client’s ability to create change in one area of their life (that they’re coming to you for support with) is going to be influenced by other factors like relationships, career, work environment, family, past t/Traumas, etc.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to navigate complex circumstances in a client’s life that are directly blocking them from creating success in their goals that they have not asked for support with, are not ready to address or are just blatantly stuck with.

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I’m here to be and hold a safe space for coaches to break traditional molds and ascend into a frequency of simplicity and ease. If you desire to begin walking this path, here’s a few ways we can do that together:

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