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Ep. 152 – The Illusion of Borrowing Success: Finding True Security Within Yourself with Jon McLernon

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Episode Description

In this episode, Laura is joined by an EXPAND favorite, Jon McLernon, to discuss what might really be going on at the deepest of levels when we hire a business mentor.

Together, Jon & Laura tease apart the toxicity that can occur within the coaching industry and come to the conclusion that ultimately, people are looking for a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their businesses, rather than just financial success.

A few highlights of this episode are:

  • The importance of finding a mentor who is willing to form a personal connection with you and not just treat you as a number in their program.
  • The power of checking-in with yourself on how you will grow as a person and recognizing that going through mistakes, learning from them, and shaping yourself to become the person you want to be is an important part of the journey.
  • Recognizing that creating something that matters to you isn’t just about making money, it’s also about how you feel in your business.
  •  Asking the question “Why is this happening for me?” instead of “Why is this happening to me?” and to find the positive takeaways even in difficult experiences.

To hear more from Jon, check out Ep. 061 – How To Navigate Client Trauma Without Working Out Of Scope w/ Special Guest: Jon McLernon

To connect directly with Jon, send him an email at coachjon@jonmclernon.com. 


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