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Ep. 154 – How To Set A Price That Matches Your Energy

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Episode Description

In this episode of EXPAND, Laura is diving into a question that comes up for every coach creating a new program, offer, or experience for their people: “How much should I charge?!”

If you’ve ever felt stuck setting a price for the program you’re creating or coaching services you’re offering…you’re not alone. It often feels like a ‘make or break’ thing -but today, Laura is going to guide us through a new way to think about this exchange.

What if the decision of how much to charge was rooted more heavily on the energetic exchange between you and your client, versus the mental calculation that the coaching industry likes to make you believe is required?

Laura leads us through the idea of energetic calibration, where the money exchanged in a coaching relationship is just a representation of the energetic exchange that’s happening between you and your clients.

She emphasizes and teaches us the importance of separating the mental idea of energy from the physical and emotional sensations, and how to come up with the answer based on the level of intimacy, emotional connection, and time investment you desire in your coaching relationship.

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