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Ep. 159 – Embodying The Emotional Energy Of Leadership As A Coach | Behind The Scenes

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Episode Description

This is a clip from one of our monthly coaching calls from inside The Secret Garden. In these hot seat style sessions, Laura answers your questions + guides you through your friction points so you leave feeling deeply aligned with your path, connected to yourself and held by each other.

In this discussion, we explore the definition of ‘coach’ and what it means to embody true leadership. Laura discusses the importance of creating an experience that goes beyond the program bones and what is required to create intimacy, vulnerability, and connection…even when it’s messy.

As coaches, we have the opportunity to shine a light on someone else’s path while also shining a light on our own, which requires us to grow and heal ourselves to guide others down their unique paths. We hope this episode inspires you to lean into your gifts in leadership and to create an experience that goes beyond just the physical transformation.

Whenever you feel ready, join us inside The Secret Garden for free for 2 weeks and experience one of these rooms for yourself.

I’m here to be and hold a safe space for coaches to break traditional molds and ascend into a frequency of simplicity and ease. If you desire to begin walking this path, here’s a few ways we can do that together:
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Thank you so much for being here.

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Love, Laura

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