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Ep. 160 – The Gift Of Co-Regulation

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Episode Description

“Our capacity to hold a space for our clients to feel safe, to transform, to access their innate capacity to heal, to shift perspectives and to open themselves up to a new way of engaging with the world is dependent upon our ability to hold that same space in ourselves, first.”

In this episode, Laura invites us to explore our own ability to regulate our emotions, widen our capacity for intense energy, and respond intentionally and consciously to what’s happening within us during session with our clients.

Through this discussion, we are led through an experience that allows us to pause and scan our personal and professional lives to explore where we feel rises in our energy, and what the sensation feels like when we get activated. Laura shows us that activation is not necessarily a bad thing, and that it can be a tool to help us pay attention to and attune to our environment.

Today, we take some time to be with our emotional and energetic states to better understand them and recognize what’s happening in our bodies, so we can hold the same space for our clients without getting triggered by their emotions or circumstances.

I’m here to be and hold a safe space for coaches to break traditional molds and ascend into a frequency of simplicity and ease. If you desire to begin walking this path, here’s a few ways we can do that together:
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Thank you so much for being here.

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Love, Laura

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