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Ep. 162 – Why Vulnerability Is *Not* A Sales Tactic

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Episode Description

There has been an ongoing conversation around authenticity circulating the greater coaching community. What it means to be authentic, what authenticity looks like in practice, how to build an authentic business, realigning with what feels authentic to us…sound familiar?

In this episode, Laura offers us a beautiful & hard truth around authenticity, vulnerability, and showing ourselves to the world without a calculated outcome. She helps us to better understand when vulnerability is coming from an ego-based, calculated place versus a heart-felt, expansive place that serves both us and others.

Laura also invites us to explore past experiences of vulnerability and to reflect on whether there was a sliver of hoping for something from someone else to feel safe to share…and to practice accessing true vulnerability so that we become a reflection for others that it is safe to honor themselves in that way.

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