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Ep. 163 – Breathe Into Presence | March Ritual

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Episode Description

This month, Laura guides us through a practice of presence.

Simple in theory, presence is one of the most challenging states to consistently live inside of. It asks us learn how to stay WITH the full experience of a moment that would previously cause us to unconsciously react or mentally spiral.

The techniques Laura teaches us in this ritual are ones we can use inconspicuously right in a client session or on a sales call to stay grounded and open…or can be layered together to create a more nourishing ritual that will set us up for inspired creative blocks or longer coaching days.

Find a quiet, gentle space to land as you immerse yourself in this ritual. We hope you enjoy and come back to this anytime you need a breath.

I’m here to be and hold a safe space for coaches to break traditional molds and ascend into a frequency of simplicity and ease. If you desire to begin walking this path, here’s a few ways we can do that together:

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