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Ep. 164 – Morning Routines, Not ‘Fitting in’ + Becoming A Safe Space | EXPANDfam Q&A

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Episode Description

In this episode, Laura coaches listeners of the show through questions that they’ve been coming up against over the last month.

You can join us for our next Live Q&A on Wednesday, March 15th by clicking here.

Today, we cover topics from listeners about their morning routines and how to create an adaptable practice so that they can meet themselves with the demands of their day, regardless of how much time they have.

We also talked about what it’s like to begin a coaching journey when you feel like you’re different or you don’t fit in with what you see other coaches doing.

Lastly, we chat about regulating our nervous systems in a moment that a client is getting activated in session and the invisible value that our presence has in moments like this.

This is a really beautiful room that Laura holds once per month for listeners just like you to join us in a live setting and receive direct support on exactly what you need.

I’m here to be and hold a safe space for coaches to break traditional molds and ascend into a frequency of simplicity and ease. If you desire to begin walking this path, here’s a few ways we can do that together:

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