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Ep. 165 – Are You More Connected To The Idea Of Spirituality Than You Are To Yourself?

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Episode Description

In this episode, we explore the concept of spiritual bypassing, a phenomenon that was first introduced in the 1980s by Buddhist teacher John Welwood.

Throughout this discussion, Laura helps us to better understand the ways in which we might use spiritual practices to avoid facing the emotional undercurrents that are taking place within us.

& while it’s meaningful to embrace spiritual practices in the coaching space, Laura shines a light on how we might be using this to avoid or remove ourselves from our own experiences.

In the exploration of this within ourselves, Laura also speaks into the importance of being emotionally present and holding space for clients in order to build trust and safety, first. She encourages us as coaches and leaders to explore our own emotions so that we can provide safe spaces for our clients and meet them where they are.

Through opening our awareness to this, we get to ask ourselves: “How can I become the space holder, the guide, and the leader that I dream of being by being that for myself first?”

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