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Ep. 169 – Understanding Your Clients Coping Mechanisms (+ How To Shift Them Effectively)

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Episode Description

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The ‘patterns’ that our clients come to us with and are wanting us to help them change are often the same coping patterns that they’re using in their day-to-day life to help them manage their feelings.

In this episode, Laura leads us through a beautiful lesson that even though there might be an expectation that we want to create change rapidly & efficiently, we actually don’t want to try to remove their coping patterns immediately.

She teaches us that these mechanisms are a really wise adaptation of their body to get their needs met…it’s the way that their system has learned to orient to the world in order to keep them feeling safe, taken care of, and to access love or belonging.

Oftentimes, by demonizing those patterns and trying to shift them away from those patterns too soon, without having resources in place to offer them the same conditions that their coping mechanism was creating for them, we can actually cause more dysregulation and reinforce the pattern that we were trying to shift them away from in the first place.

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