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Ep. 170 – How To Keep Your Client From Spiraling (+ Bring Them Back When They Do)

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Episode Description

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In this episode, we take a deeper dive into our bodies ability to constantly take in information from our environment through our senses and how it naturally orients us based on what it perceives to be safe or unsafe.

When we are in session with clients, it is normal for our stress response to be activated. This activation can sometimes signal to our body that we are under attack, and that we are being threatened. When we can better understand this process within ourselves, we can better notice how the same thing may be happening within our clients and create safety within our coaching structure.

Laura leads us through concepts such as resourcing, the ‘window of tolerance’ and how meeting our threshold can cause us to react in ways that we normally wouldn’t. When we can practice and build the skill of staying present with the experience, we can help our people to learn to do the same.

This episode is an insightful reminder to stay present and mindful of our stress responses and to be kind and empathetic towards ourselves and our clients.

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