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Ep. 171 – Building (& Marketing) An Aligned Business with Special Guest: Jonah Richman

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Episode Description

Today on EXPAND, we’re joined by a special guest, Jonah Richman, who is best known for his expertise in compassionate marketing for coaches & wellness practitioners.

Laura & Jonah discuss the ins-and-outs of business trauma and what trends they’re seeing in the coaching space when it comes to marketing our services. Jonah shares his insights and how he found his way back to his purpose after feeling jaded by deceptive practices.

You will also learn how to transition from a program or strategy that doesn’t feel quite right to something that feels more aligned with your heart.

This conversation not only highlights the intricacies of business-trauma, but also, the uplifting truth that once we notice what doesn’t feel good for us, we can create meaningful shifts that change the way we move in our businesses.

To connect with Jonah on Instagram: @jonah.richman 


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