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Ep. 173 – The Deeper Layers of Hiring A Business Mentor

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Episode Description

When it comes to hiring a business mentor, so many of us are used to searching for someone who we think can give us the outcomes we think we need to be successful.

Maybe that’s a promise to grow our business, make a certain amount of money, or automate things so that we don’t need to be ‘in the weeds’ and can work on other things or have more free space. We’ve all experienced these promises in different ways – sometimes they’re helpful, and other times we learn that it’s not for us.

In this episode, Laura discusses the deeper layer of hiring a business mentor and what to look out for to ensure stability within that coaching container.

Traditional marketing tactics often make us feel small and deny us the ability to connect with the energy of the person leading the space, but it is crucial that we ask ourselves if we feel safe and seen before saying yes.

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