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Ep. 174 – Getting Your Ideal Clients To Raise Their Hand | Behind The Scenes

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Episode Description

This is a clip from one of our weekly live coaching calls from inside The Secret Garden. Inspired by questions + themes from inside our community, these rooms are designed to guide your exploration of new ways of being, thinking & leading.

This week, we explore what happens within us as we start going deeper and more niched in our work. It can feel like we’re speaking to such a smaller group of people who are willing to raise their hand and admit they “have this problem” (more so than when we just ask them to raise their hand if they want to “lose 5lbs in 5 days”…)

So, how can you speak to the people who have so much shame around having the “problem” that we are proposing we have the solution to? Especially when people are so conditioned to not acknowledge the “negative” for the sake of staying positive? Tune in to this episode to find out.

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