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Ep. 179 – Are You Longing for Space + Presence?


Episode Description

Something that feels really alive within me right now and I’ve witnessed being mirrored back to me from many of you is this longing for space….

…this craving for presence within that space, and the permission to take up space without feeling guilty for what we’re not doing with that time.

There are many layers to this that I have personally been moving through recently that I want to share with you from personal experience in hopes that it will allow you to explore this for yourself.

I think for many of us, the idea of having space in our schedule feels like this far off fantasy. It feels like this dream scape, this poetic reality that ‘one day if I work hard enough’ space will be my reward. But, I know from personal experience, that is just simply not the case.  From my heart to yours, let this episode land as you need it to.

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