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The fat loss X-factor: Learn the little known coaching skill that drives better client adherence and results.

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Never before has our world been so disconnected from itself. Our minds are constantly driving us outwards – always chasing something that will reinforce our beliefs about who we think we need to be and how we think we need to act in order to belong, be loved, and be happy. We are all essentially living life on autopilot, reacting to our environment and allowing it to control how we feel about ourselves and our life based on whether we are moving closer to or further away from that version of ourselves we have in our minds.

So, the problem therein lies. The more disconnected we are from our bodies, the more we are in our heads, and the stronger our minds become in keeping us small and safe. Our mind loves to taunt us with dreamy visions of  “one day” being and having all the things that will make us feel the way we desire. But what if having everything you want in life begins with disconnecting from your mind and its illusion that all of that “stuff’ exists outside of yourself? What if it all starts with actually reconnecting to your body? 

As change agents we have the power to deeply reconnect our clients to themselves in a way that fundamentally shifts the way they show up in the world (not to mention, how they feel about and interact with food). This article is going to help you explore and make sense of what it means to reconnect your clients to their true selves, and why this is such an overlooked piece to the complete transformation puzzle.

But without first exploring that inner shift yourself, you will never be able to truly grasp what it is you’re helping your clients achieve. So, then, we will begin with you. 

Afterall, if we want to help our clients to stop chasing external validation on the scale and detach from the illusion of what they think will make them happy…it would be reasonable to say that we must also do the same. We must first turn inwards, begin to trust our gut, and let the depth of our connection to ourselves, others, and the world determine our impact and our value on this planet. 

This article examines the 6 layers of connection we can learn to use to amplify our client’s lives, as well as our own. Let’s dig in.


  1. Connection with yourself as the change agent
    1. What happens when we disconnect from our gut, our gift and we act in the way we “should
    2. What connection to yourself can achieve in your business and life
    3. Connection to your purpose and your “non-world-peace” why
    4. What disconnection looks like
    5. How to reconnect with yourself


  1. Connection to your external influence- Our industry norms tell us exactly how much we are worth and how to measure when you’re good enough. The coach who has 60 clients is better than the coach who has 6…the nutritionist who went to university is better than the nutritionist who took a weekend course. We base our enoughness on external data points that are measured up against other people who are just as disconnected from their real power as you are.
  • Judging success off of others
  • Comparing self to others
  • Mind voice versus body voice
  • Feeling controlled by external factors
  • Measuring success on external achievement
  • Saying and doing things because of what it will get you externally
  1. Connection to your client and their connection to youClient – The people who do yoga and fall in love with it – it’s because of the way the classes and the instructors make the fell versus the results that are so surface level – connection can truly change someone’s life
    1. The power in client coach connection
    2. What it isnt
    3. How to build it and what it looks like
  1. Client connection with self
    1. The reason they use food to cope
    2. How to lead them to understand the importance in their journey
    3. How to get them to open up to their true emotions and recognize limiting thoughts
    4. Honouring themselves
    5. Feeling into resistance
    6. Using this as your north star


  1. Client connection to food – we use food to feel what we think we can only get by force, externally, but this only further disconnects us from that feeling – connection to self is all you need  you already have those parts inside of you, dissolve fear around emotion and guide people to discover the deeper parts of themselves
    1. The lover, the party animal
    2. Why food is the most common vehicle to create connection
    3. Changing the perspective – shifting how we connect through food
  2. Client connection to external influence
    1. Boundaries
    2. Expectations of others and what life should look like
    3. Surrender and acceptance
    4. Being present
    5. Letting go of the need to control

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