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Ep. 132 – Up-Level The Frequency You Exist In

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Episode Description

In today’s episode, I’m excited to open up a conversation where we explore the ways in which I observe myself, my own behaviors, my emotional patterns, and my thought patterns…and how that directly influences the way in which I observe those things in my students and in all of you…the people that I feel the most intimately connected to. We’re going to explore the decisions we make that allow us to access our growth, and what we truly need to step into our next level.

This is something I haven’t spoken into publicly, but I think it’s really important to understand why we choose to behave in certain ways. Specifically, when it comes to our growth and our evolution as an entrepreneur, as a coach, as someone who is seeking a certain amount of success in a business capacity, as a leader. Even though we’re heart-led, even though we’re empathic, even though we deeply desire to feel a sense of purpose and a deep sense of fulfillment…we also desire success and we’ve been taught to measure that success in a very particular way.

But what if instead, we learned to measure our growth by recognizing that life is so much more than just working towards an outcome and that we will always be supported when we follow the nudges of our intuition. I hope this episode allows you to embrace that piece of your journey and opens you up to new ideas, new frequencies, and new levels within yourself.


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