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Ep. 48 – Beyond the Binary: Coaching Gender-Diverse Clients w/ Special Guest: Meghan Crutchley

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Episode Description

Today I’m joined by someone who inspires me on the deepest level to be better….to create safer environments for real conversations to take place in. To recognize my own stumbling points and instead of judge them >> surrender to them as an incredible opportunity to grow and lead humanity forward from.

I’m talking about Meghan Crutchley, founder of habitqueer and creator of the soon-to-launch certification called Fitness Beyond the Binary: coaching gender-diverse clients.

Our conversation today is one that has been on my heart for a long time…together we’re going to guide you through what coaches need to know about communicating, coaching and holding incredibly potent and safe space for our clients within the non-binary and trans community…and adopting a new way of being with ALL clients that shapes a new conversation about inclusivity and safety in the work that we do.

Fitness Beyond the Binary: Coaching Gender Diverse Clients is 25% until the end of January 2022.
Grab your discounted seat here! >> https://www.habitqueer.com/education

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